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Covid Safety 

Taking your safety and that of our carers seriously

Getting over a particular injury or need some home care from a certified practitioner? Since 2000, our team of professionals have made themselves readily available to take on any health related matter you might need. At Caringlinks Ltd, our caregivers are here to provide a wide range of home health services and offer efficient medical services without sacrificing quality. Contact us today and learn more about all of our home health care options.

Healing Hands

What we are doing to protect everyone at Caringlinks your home care experts

We understand how anxious people are at this time and the added issues it can bring. To reassure you we are doing the following:

Steps we are taking

We risk assess each client and carer to determine the most suitable approach and  best practice in infection control. We follow all the  guidelines and ensure only the correct PPE is worn appropriate for that call. All of our carers have received infection control training to include Covid-19 specifically.

Our carers are trained to use PPE correctly and have been provided with disposable masks, visors, goggles. Aprons and Gloves. They have overshoes, overleaves and uniform. They have their own hand wash, towels and hand sanitiser. They will disinfect areas they have touched after use such as light switches equipment. We provide disposable bags for all the PPE after use for each client.

Our carers and office staff undergo weekly testing for Coronavirus using the PCR test and will self isolate if required and all the relevant steps will be taken following test and trace guidelines.

Minimising movement of carers during this time is the key factor and  Caringlinks  makes every attempt to limit transmission of  infection.  To that end carers will be paired up as much as is possible and stay together to minimise that risk. We keep the amount of carers who visit you to a minimum as normal standard practice, however this is heightened in these times.

Vaccinations have been offered to our carers and I am pleased to say that we have a 90% uptake on this many of which have  already  had their second Covid vaccine. At the present time it is not mandatory for carers to have the Covid vaccine, however, we will keep updated on this situation.